Title:Internet-based Control Systems Design and Application

Speaker:Prof. Shuang-Hua Yang£¨FInstMC, SMIEEE, CEng Professor of Networks and Control, Computer Science Department, Loughborough University)

Time:3:30pm,Thursday£¬April 22th

Venue:Lecture Room 334,State Key Lab of Computer Science, Level 3 Building #5, Institute of Software, CAS

It will introduce the main content of my new monograph (Springer, London) with the same title.
The talk covers the system requirement specification, architecture design, interface design,
compensation of data loss and transmission time delay, and safety and security.
The application will be focused on how to use the Internet-based control systems for
real-time software performance monitoring and maintenance.

Prof. Shuang-Hua Yang (FInstMC, SMIEEE, CEng) formed and is currently leading the research division of Networks, Communication, and Control Systems in Computer Science Department at Loughborough University His established record of academic distinction and leadership is demonstrated by many of his academic esteems. He is an associate editor of the International Journal of Systems Science (Taylor & Francis publisher) and a member of the editorial and advisory board of the International Journal of Information and Computer Security (InderScience publisher) and the Journal of the Institute of Measurement and Control. He is a member of the EPSRC Peer Review College (2006-2009), a fellow of the Institute of Measurement and Control, and a senior member of IEEE. He is the chairman of the East Midlands Section of the Institute of Measurement and Control, and a chartered engineer. He was a member of the advisor college of British Council Higher Education Link Programme (2001-2004). He was a member of the Executive Committee (since 2000) and the president (2006-2007) of the Chinese Automation & Computer Society in the UK (CACSUK).
He has been invited to serve as a member of the program committees for more than 10 international conferences and frequently chair sessions. He was the program co-chair of the 2007, 2009 IEEE Conference on Networking, Sensing, and Control. He has been an external examiner for seven PhD and one MPhil viva since 2001. He has supervised three postdoctoral research staff, six PhD students, four MPhil students, and ten academic visitors. Currently 11 PhD students and two post doctorial researchers are under his supervision. He was the guest editor of two special issues on Internet based control and mobile agent technologies for the Journal of the Institute of Measurement and Control, 38(1) and 38(10), 2005, and a special issue on intelligent systems for the International Journal of Information Technology, 11(10), 2005. He was also the editor of a special issue on sensor network and control for the International Journal of Systems Science, 39(11), 2008. He was the winner of the Creativity Award in the International Exhibition Contest on DSP (Digital Signal Processing) Creative Designs held in Taiwan in 2005 for the project "Remote monitoring and control of intelligent home environments". He also received the third prize of progress in science and technology for the contribution to the design of real time control systems in 1998 from Chinese Education Ministry.
As a principal investigator he has received a number of research grants from different funding bodies, including EPSRC, Royal Society, TSB, MoD, EU, Royal Academy of Engineering, British Council, London Mathematic Society, and some overseas funding organisations. His two recently completed TSB research grants have been supported by 10 industrial partners and investigating wireless sensor networks based 'SafetyNet' for fire & rescue services and ¡®IndeedNET¡¯ for home automation. Over 130 academic research papers on quality international journals and conferences have been resulted from his research. He has been exploring both fundamental and applied research in these areas, particularly contributing to the design of Internet-based control, thereby pushing this new type of control technologies beyond the state-of-the-art. He was one of the pioneer investigators working on Internet-based control in the UK and published one monograph on the topic by Springer, London. His work has been widely cited by the following-up researchers. For example, half of the report on 'web-based monitoring and control of industrial processes' published by the University of Oulo in Finland (ISBN 951-42-7173-4) came from his publications. His significant contributions in this area are focused on the systematic design methodology, including requirement analysis, architecture selection, web user interface design, multi-user concurrent access, dealing with Internet time delay, stability, and assuring the safety and security. The design methodology has been successfully applied to remote monitoring and control of intelligent home environments, retainer warehouses, process plants, robot arms, and manufacturing devices. His contribution to control system safety is on comprehensive potential risk checking of control logic using an improved symbolic model checker and a novel symbolic functional model of presenting control logic to enable people from different disciplines to understand each other.