Title: Three years of research at the MSR-INRIA Joint Centre

Speaker:Professor Jean-Jacques L¨¦vy, INRIA, France

Time:3£º30-4£º30pm,Tuesday£¬November 17th

Venue:Lecture Room 334,State Key Lab of Computer Science, Level 3 Building #5, Institute of Software, CAS

Abstract: The Microsoft Research-INRIA Joint Centre was founded by INRIA, Microsoft Corporation, and MSR Laboratory Cambridge. The Centre's objective is to pursue fundamental, long-term research in formal methods, software security, and the application of Computer Science research to the Sciences.

The research programme is divided into two tracks.
- A, Software Security and Trustworthy Computing, comprising 3 projects: Mathematical Components, Tools and Methodologies for Formal Speci?cations and for Proofs, and Secure Distributed Computations and their Proofs.

- B, Computational Sciences and Scienti?c Information Interaction, comprising 4 projects: Dynamic Dictionary of Mathematical Functions, ReActivity, Adaptive Combinatorial Search for E-Science, and Image and Video Mining for Science and Humanities.

Biography£ºJean-Jacques L¨¦vy is senior researcher at INRIA, Paris-Rocquencourt, France. He has been member of the Research Staff at Digital Equipment Corporation (1986-88) and Professor at Ecole polytechnique (1992-2006) in Palaiseau, where he taught programming. His research interests are mainly toward the theory of programming languages, parallel computing and computer security (optimal reductions in the lambda calculus, Bohm trees, parallel functional languages, explicit substitutions, dependency calculi, the join-calculus). He also worked on Operating Systems design (1970-72, 1985-86), CAD for VLSI (1980-84) and the debugging of the Ariane-5 on-board programs (after explosion, 1996). He presently is Director of the Microsoft Research-INRIA Joint Centre in Orsay, France.