Title:Improving Software Quality with Parfait

Speaker:Cristina Cifuentes (Sun Labs, Oracle)

Time:2:00pm,Wednesday,May 12th

Venue:Lecture Room 334,State Key Lab of Computer Science, Level 3 Building #5, Institute of Software, CAS

Parfait is a static bug-checking tool for C/C++ source code, designed to be both scalable and precise. Internally at Sun various software organizations are using Parfait to analyse thousands to millions of lines of code, with over 500 buffer overflows found and fixed.
Assisted by its graphical web-based user interface, both developers and managers are able to traverse bug data in a quick and easy way.
In this talk I will give an overview of Parfait's design and implementation, show results over the Solaris code base in terms of accuracy and performance of the tool, and give a demo using the Solaris results.

Dr Cristina Cifuentes is a Senior Principal Engineer and a Senior Research Manager with Sun Labs at Oracle. Her current research focuses on the design and implementation of program analyses for large scale software. Cristina has been with Sun Labs for 10 years and has worked on compilation techniques for small virtual machines, parallelization compilers and binary translation. Prior to Sun she held academic positions in Australia. She holds an Adjunct Professor position at the University of Queensland and is the treasurer of the ACM Special Interest Group on Programming Languages. Cristina has published extensively in international academic forums and holds several patents.