The Laboratory of Computer Science (LCS) was founded in 1993 as a department of Institute of Software, upgraded to a Key Laboratory of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1994, and further upgraded to a State Key Laboratory in 2007.

Professor Luo Zhaohui from University of London visited the lab 2007.12.6-12.14

The Academic Committee meeting was held 2007.11.4

Professor Kim Guldstrand Larsen from University of Aalborg visited the lab  2007.8.11-8.17


Professor Neng-Fa Zhou from City University of New York  visited the lab 2007.5.14-5.21

Professor Jia-Huai You from University of Alberta visited the lab 2007.3.7-3.22

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2008.7.8 Imperative Programs on Numbers: Mechanization of Loop Invariant Generation and Loop Termination    
2008.6.30 Perspectives in Probabilistic Verification (download)
2008.6.10 Verification as a Parameterized Testing    
2008.6.6 Program Systems Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (PSI RAS). Short Introduction    
2008.4.21 Efficient Query Answering over Ontologies    
2008.3.31 Model-Based Validation of QoS Properties of Biomedical Sensor Netwroks    
2008.3.28 Tool supported real-time system verification techniques based on abstraction/deduction and model checking    

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