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Information for prospective research students 

My research interests

My primary research interest is computability and computational complexity.

Some particular problems I am currently working on include

  • Turing definability in the local Turing degrees,
  • structures and hierarchies of the Turing and the enumeration degrees,
  • elementary differences among structures of the Turing degrees,
  • enumeration operators
  • automorphism  of the Turing degrees,
  • computable approximations


  • Computability Theory
  • Computational Complexity

My curriculum vitae and bibliography


Papers on line

Journal papers

  1. Strong decomposition theorem of the recursively enumerable degrees (in Chinese), Acta Math. Sinica, 1992, 35(2):251.

  2. A decomposition theorem of 0', Science in China, No.10, 1992 (in Chinese) and No.6, 1993.

  3. A result about the pseudo jump operators, Bull. of Chinese Sciences, No. 21, 1992.

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  17. The plus cupping Turing degrees do not form an ideal, Science in China, to appear. (with Y. Zhao).

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  1. On Lachlan's major subdegree problem. (with Cooper).

  2. A hierarchy characterization for the cuppable degrees.

  3. Elementary differences among jump hierarchies. 

  4. Low Splitting Theorem in the Difference Hierarchy.




  1. Computability Theory (in Chinese, with D. Yang), Science Press, Beijing, 1999.

Non-Journal papers

  1. Definable relations on the computably enumerable degrees, in Computability and Models (eds. Cooper and Goncharov), Kluwer Academic/Plenum, Jan. 2003, 267--288.

  2. Definability in local degree structure -- a survey on recent results related to jump classes. (with Yue Yang). in Proceedings of the 7th, and the 8th Asian Logic Conferences. World Scientific Press, eds. R. Downey, D. Ding, S. P. Tung, Y. Qui, M. Yasugi, 2003, 270--302.

Conference Talk

  1. One hour, International Conference on Math. Logic and Applications dedicated to A. I. Mal'tsev and the 275th Anniversary of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk, Aug. 10--15, 1999.
  2. 45 minutes, International Conference on Mathematical Logic-- Satellite Conference of ICM Beijing 2002, and the 8th Asian Logic Conference, Chongqing, Aug. 28--Sept. 3, 2002.
  3. 15 minutes, Structural Theory of the Computably Enumerable Turing Degrees,ICM 2002, Beijing, 20--28, Aug.


Some theses on line

  • Dengfeng Li, On the relationship between the nonbounding and the plus cupping Turing degrees. (2003)
  • Yong Wang, A hierarchy for the plus cupping Turing degrees. (2003)
  • Yicheng Zhao, Algebraic structure of the plus cupping Turing degrees. (2003)


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